• Scholarship Packets provided to School Counselors

January – March

February 1

  • Reminder to schools

March 1

  • Application Deadline

 March 1– April 1

  • Scholarship Committee Chair coordinates committee meeting to review and score applications.
  • Scholarship recipients are determined.


  • Scholarship recipients are announced at first meeting of the month.
  •  Committee chair contacts counselors to coordinate with awards ceremonies.
  •  Notification letters are prepared for president signature.
  •  Certificate of Accomplishment completed, signed and framed for each recipient.


  • Committee Chair &/or President attends awards ceremony for presentation.
  •  Notify local paper(s) with press release & photos.
  •  Committee chair provides Treasurer recipient information (name & phone).


  • Committee chair contacts recipients to confirm designated institution and submits request to treasurer to disperse funds.