This year Eerie Erie celebrates its 31st anniversary. Over the years changes to the
course have been made, sometimes out of necessity and sometimes in response to
your suggestions. In the past few years the course has gone through very active
change. By next year we expect to be very close to our grand plan.
We appreciate your tolerance of change during these times, and we have put tremendous
effort into improving your experience while we implemented the necessary
In 2010 and 2011 we worked to take advantage of the new Ruth Schrichte trail that
travels along Coal Creek open space, while at the same time routing the course off of
County Line Road that is busy and without a shoulder.
In 2011 and 2012 the home-base for our race, Erie Middle School, went through extensive
renovation and access to parts of the grounds and buildings were closed off
or incomplete.
Now in 2013 we are pleased to add the latest section of the Ruth Schrichte trail to
our course that continues your journey north along Coal Creek and brings you all
the way to Reliance Park. Get the Map Here.

The Town of Erie and their contractors worked extremely hard in the 11th hour to complete our access to the trail which was damaged by the recent floods, and we thank them for their incredible efforts in getting that done in time. This has also enabled us to route runners away from busy Erie Parkway and business entrances. At the same time, we are dealing with a new housing development project that has closed the part of Rd 3 that travels south along and beyond the cemetery. In response to this, we added a turn-around just as you reach the cemetery and routed the course back north on Rd 3 and west on Rd 10.5, both of which offer spectacular views overlooking Boulder Valley and the Front Range.
We thank you for your patience during these changes. We will continue to strive to
improve the course to make it your most enjoyable race of the year, and we welcome
your feedback always. You can provide comments to us here.

Thank you and happy running.
The Optimist Club of Erie, CO