Running Strollers in Eerie Erie?

This question has come up a few times. Here is our thinking…
For the 5K – sure, why not, just start at the back of the pack so you don’t interfere with other runners.
For the 10K – a couple things to think about. (1) Start at the back so you don’t interfere. (2) Go fast enough so you are off the narrower part of the course (Ruth Schrichte trail) by time the 5k’ers get there – this part goes from about 1.0 mile point to about 1.6 mile point, and the 5k’ers will start 15 minutes after the 10k (I will let you do the math). And (3) finally – hopefully you will be fast enough that you won’t delay the end of the 10k, and therefore the awards ceremony with it. If you are in doubt about these things – it would be better if you run the 5k. Let us know if you have other questions.