Questions about candy at the Homecoming Parade

The Optimist Club of Erie, who organizes this event needs to secure approvals from several town government agencies as well as secure insurance for the event itself. A number of these agencies have voiced concerns related to candy throwing, specifically parents not controlling their children from running in front of moving vehicles as well as people getting struck by candy being rocketed at them from aggressive children on the floats. These concerns have been raised based on previous years’ experience in the event, and it is for these reasons that the policies have been established as they have for this year’s event. There will be no throwing candy this year.

Homecoming Parade Theme

We have received several questions about the theme for the parade. There is no theme for the parade.

Parade participants are welcome to develop their own content theme.  If it helps – we have been told** the homecoming game is between Erie Tigers and Northridge Grizzlies.

Per Erie High School’s wishes, the theme for the Erie High School Homecoming dance is not disclosed publicly, and there is no connection between the parade (Managed by the Optimist Club of Erie) and the dance (Managed by Erie High School).

** Should not be construed as reliable information