Erie Optimists Homecoming Parade 

Erie Optimists Homecoming Parade

Erie Optimists Homecoming Parade 2017

We had a great time at the Erie Optimists Homecoming Parade and we hope you did too. The candy was in abundance and the school spirit was even more plentiful. Thanks to all who volunteered and to those who participated, it was a huge success. Pictures below capture some of the fun. We can’t wait to see you next year and hope you can share these fun pictures with others who want to get involved next year. It’s all about raising great kids.

Erie Optimists Homecoming Parade

10,000 eggs. Gone in 10 minutes.

The Easter Bunny has come and gone.

We had a great turnout today, and the event went extremely well, in spite of some blustery gusts throughout the day.

Thanks to all who came to enjoy, and especially to all who volunteered to help set up and run the event!

The Easter Bunny was there
and so were a LOT of other people!
There was a mad dash for eggs.
And then we all got to enjoy the bounty.

And the treasure.